TMJ Treatment

Did you know headaches and migraines are issues you can visit the dentist for? Dentists can play a big role in diagnosing and even treating your condition because quite often, recurring pain near the sides of your head can be a result of night-time or unconscious tooth grinding or clenching These habits put tons of pressure on the muscles that work your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or jaw joint. 

You can easily feel your TMJ muscles working if you put your fingers on your temples and clench/unclench your jaw. Over-clenching over time can cause headaches and pain – one of many potential causes for TMD. 

Sources of Relief

An oral exam can go a long way in telling if you suffer from bruxism, which refers to the clenching and grinding of your teeth, or TMD. In some cases, you may just need to switch to softer foods for a while, or apply hot/cold compresses to soothe the joint.

In more long-term cases, a custom made night guard may be recommended. Worn at night while you sleep, this plastic oral appliance fits over the teeth, and can control or even eliminate clenching and grinding. This reduces pressure on the muscles that work the jaw.

Your chronic headaches may or may not be a result of bruxism or TMD – but it’s a possibility that’s important to explore. Don’t delay scheduling an exam and a consultation!

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